May 27, 2023

1 Day

from 350 DHS


Charming little town, Essaouira is the old Portuguese city of Mogador. It was fortified by a French architect who was a follower of Vauban. For a long time the city had a large Jewish population.
These influences, and many more, resulted in a unique and very appealing result. Today, the city is gradually becoming a city of artists.
Essaouira benefits from an extremely favorable microclimate which ensures a mild temperature in winter and cool in summer. Also noteworthy is a beautiful beach, protected by the purpurary islands.
Essaouira craftsmen are renowned for cedar root marquetry and offer a wide range of objects from small souvenirs to pieces of furniture and true works of art.

Departure from Marrakech at 07:30 and return at the end of the afternoon. Support from the departure of the hotel in Marrakech, until the return

  • 2 pers 700 DHS
  • 3 pers 1050 DHS
  • 4 pers 1350 DHS
  • 5 pers 1700 DHS
  • +5 pers 300 DHS/pers


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